I help you to start something new

I created Another Door with the mission to support people after redundancy, and make it the best thing that happened to them.

Now, I help people start new businesses, set up as a freelancer, start new careers - even start a completely different life.

I work with people 121, in Group programmes, workshops and in the membership community.

The people I work with come to me with a feeling or a simmering idea - they aren’t sure where it might lead, we work together to explore that.

I’m your ‘Getting Started Coach’.

A bit more about ME & my background

I have worked in corporate life for 23 years in senior management

“The internet. We aren’t having that here”

My first job was selling the internet… yes that was once a thing that got ‘sold’, we used to cold call companies and ask them if they wanted a demonstration. Most said ‘no’ they wanted none of that stuff within their firewalls. It was my first taster of entrepreneur life.

“£2.52 for a cup of coffee!”

I was part of Costa Coffee when it had 4 stores and a dream of making it big on the high street, “£2.52 for a cup of coffee???!!! “ was a the regular drumbeat as we ambitiously opened up new stores (not cafes) across the country.

“You want to speak to the manager? will I do, I’m Richard Branson”

I worked as Head of Communications at Virgin Atlantic during (literally) turbulent global times, including trying to get Richard off customer calls in the contact centre, and at Vodafone leading their graduate and apprenticeship programme, during big changes in the telecoms landscape.

Organisations have to change, restructure, reform, and that means their workforce does too. But it doesn’t mean you, as an employee, has to feel negative about change. In fact it could be your reminder that there is more to life!

If you are looking for support, encouragement and advice that will help you move on, and you come with an open mind, a curious spirit and ready to make changes to your life, I’ll be with you all the way.


I believe redundancy can be handled with respect and care. It doesn’t have to be painful.

I have worked on large scale redundancies, big growth plans , relocation of businesses and re-brands; all affecting employees and customers in some way. I have had to make people redundant, I have been made redundant twice. I know what change feels like.

  • I can help you decide your next move

  • I can help you re-imagine your future

  • I can help you start new direction

Since being made redundant I have set up two businesses. A communications consultancy supporting businesses with interim, freelance and bespoke projects.

And I founded the retail brand Snuggle Truffle. An online store specialising in throws. blankets and quilts. You can see us at fairs and shows across the country - my favourite place to be is on a market stall!

I’m writing a book about being made redundant. Not as dull as it sounds, might even be entertaining.

And now I’ve launched Another Door with a passion to support others to make change in their lives for the better.

No matter what the circumstance or your feelings about your job, being made redundant is never a pleasure. But it can be an opportunity. It can be a moment to make changes. Good things can come of it.

If you feel stuck, and not sure which way to go next. It’s a sign that things are going to change. With the right help and support around you anything is possible!

If you are looking for support, encouragement and motivation I am here to support you all the way.


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