Another Door Community

A place to think, explore, be encouraged, be inspired and take action.

When people come together a community responds

Who is the Another Door Community for?

  • You!

    You got to this page, so you are curious, you are thinking of doing something new, this community can help you do that


    If you’ve just been made redundant the community is here to support you as you work through your options and next move


    We all wonder, we all think there might be something else out there. Use the community to help you explore your options.


    There are so many options and opportunities, it can be overwhelming. The community can help you make decisions that are right for you.

The Another Door Community is a place to think, to explore, be encouraged and take action. A place where it’s ok not to be ok, where you can ask for help, where you can think freely about possibilities that feel impossible.

And where you will move from feeling stuck to thriving. Whether you already know what you want to do, or you want help exploring the possibilities.

Another Door is a membership community supporting you all the way through from feeling shock to thriving in a new a direction.

The philosophy of the community is to inspire Hope, provoke Ideas and encourage Action.

When you start to have hope your confidence lifts, you see things differently, you become open to possibilities.

When you open up to possibilities you begin to have ideas, you meet people, you hear people, you read things, you start to believe in yourself.

When you start to believe in yourself, you start to take action, sometimes you just do things spontaneously, sometimes you plan your next move, sometimes things present themselves as opportunities.

This is when the magic of Hope + Ideas + Action happens. Things start to change for you.


What is the Another Door Community?

An online community for people who want support, who are curious, who have ideas, who take action. The community is inclusive, empathetic, optimistic, inspiring. It’s place to come and think, a space to breathe, a space to explore possibilities.

As part of the membership you get access to:


1. An alternative online community away from the usual ‘hustle’

We don’t want to be on Facebook, LinkedIn or Whats App all the time. It’s good to get away every now and then!

Our community is on it’s own app / website.

It is run through a social sharing platform called Mighty Networks. You sign up to Another Door on Mighty Networks and get instant access to the online community.

You can post your questions, watch masterclasses, chat to to other members. It’s the main base for all that goes on.


3. Masterclasses to develop confidence and ideas

The masterclasses are specific topics which you can watch when you get stuck, need inspiration or some help to structure your thinking.

Examples of masterclasses:

  • How to discover your hidden talents

  • How to know if you’ve got a good business idea

  • How to keep going when you want to stop

  • How to create a business plan


2. The Five Chapters programme

There are Five Chapters, each with 3 modules that support you from loosing your job to moving on to the next phase. From Shock, Stuck, Slow Go, Unstuck and Thrive. They are designed to get you thinking, to provoke ideas, to encourage you, to support you to make decisions, to normalise all the emotions, the thoughts, the feelings and create energy that will help you succeed.

You work through the films at your own pace, in your own way. And use them when you need to.


4. A weekly group Huddle

Every Monday at 7.30pm - 8.30pm we check-in on a Zoom call on a Group Huddle. It’s open to all members and is an informal gathering. You can share what you are up to, ask for suggestions and advice and help others with their ideas.

The community has been created to support you through redundancy and the feeling of being stuck. It’s safe space to be yourself, everyone has been there, everyone gets it. The community is like having a new helpful friend. The modules are relaxed, don’t create pressure and best watched with a cup of tea. We don’t pretend any of this is easy. We do give helpful advice and guidance to help you decide what to do next. New masterclasses are added each month.


Join the community and get the support you want to make the changes you need

“Eleanor has held my hand as I’ve set up my new business, encouraging me, reassuring me, pushing me when I needed it and providing so many fab resources to help me build Mad and Sad Club” Jo Hooper, The Mad & Sad Club

“Eleanor has held my hand as I’ve set up my new business, encouraging me, reassuring me, pushing me when I needed it and providing so many fab resources to help me build Mad and Sad Club” Jo Hooper, The Mad & Sad Club

What people say about the community

Another Door

”I joined the Another Door community hoping to find moral support from a group of people going through the redundancy process, like me. I found that and so much more. Eleanor has held my hand as I’ve set up my new business, encouraging me, reassuring me, pushing me when I needed it and providing so many fab resources to help me build mad and sad club. Whether you’ve been made redundant or not, her advice and support in helping you start afresh is amazing.” Jo

”When I took VR, I wasn’t under an illusion that I’d immediately walk into another job – but it has proved more tricky than I thought ! One of the things that really appealed to me about Another Door was the offer of support through redundancy ; having exited a large organisation, it was great to feel I had a new network to help me when I was stuck, and a library of resources to call on to help me make sense of where I wanted to go next.

When I read the wealth of help available on the website, I’d expected a larger business that had been going for some time ! I’m actually really glad I didn’t get that straightaway, as it has been great to be part of something which is so fresh and vibrant and is still actively pushing the boundaries. That really gets me fired up to follow my own plans in return. And the resources on the site are even more expansive once you start getting into them – there are plenty of really interesting paths to follow !

An open door

For me, the community is one of the key elements to Another Door – being able to chat to other members, share ideas, and help each other out is a great facility, and I’ve met some brilliant people already. I love the Monday ‘touch base’ calls, which are a great open forum. Personally, I’ve used these to help me plan my upcoming actions each week, and to keep me disciplined – as I know I’ll be reporting back on progress ; but there’s no compulsion to do it that way – it’s all around what works best for each of us.

 I’d recommend Another Door without doubt, reservation or hesitation. There’s nothing else I know of out there that is geared up to offer anything similar, and it has been a real help to me in my journey so far. Not only has this opened my eyes to far more ideas and possibilities than I had ever imagined, the coaching and supportive challenge from Eleanor has bolstered my confidence, and made sure that I stay ‘on track’. So many different ‘Other Doors’ out there – it’s fantastic !” Phil

Door illustration

“It happens to the best of us. It can be an opportunity to grow if you let it be. Discussing issues and fears and hearing different plans from other professionals has been fantastic - a huge help in steadying my little boat. I have also been blessed that I have found support in real life too - the online community gave me confidence to reach out in the real world, too. Unexpected golden support, which has been hugely important in helping me stay afloat emotionally.

Never underestimate the power of a community sharing and discussing. Listening to the plans of others helped me think through my own needs and understand my own tolerances. Hearing discussions of potential solutions, potential people who could help further, becoming exposed to an ever widening community of support - all opened my eyes to a world beyond my own.” Susan

You’ve got this

You have all the answers

Trust yourself